Meet the Team

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Daniel Marchione

Creative Director

With over 12 years of experience as a Creative Director, Daniel founded DM Creative so that he'd never have the same day twice. He prides himself on his Jack of all trades approach to solve creative problems for clients across all industries.

Allison MacKenzie

Multimedia Design Lead

Allison is an award-winning creative designer with an unrivalled work ethic and a mindset for growth. Her strategic planning and creative execution has been the driving force behind much of the client success at DM Creative.

Masarra Haddad

Production Artist

Masarra, a design student at TMU, embraces her inner creativity and channels it into her work. Drawing inspiration from books, movies, nature, and even extended browsing on TikTok, she incorporates all the knowledge she gains. In her free time, she seizes every opportunity to exercise her creative muscles by drawing.

Michel (Palm) Ramirez

Production Artist

Palm is a student of Event and Media Production at Seneca College. Her optimism and love of audiovisual storytelling help her overcome many creative challenges.

Anthony Guerriero


Anthony is a camera operator and video editor whose technical knowledge and creative vision have given him the opportunity to work on several film and commercial sets.

Mariale Rosales


Mariale studied photography in Argentina and has since moved to Canada to focus her efforts on portrait, event and product photography.

This Could Be You

Future Collaborator

If you're interested in being a part of the DM Creative magic, let us know.

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